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Using Rijndael Security within Excel/Word 2007 increasing your data security.
It´s ease to use an Excel or Word 2007 VBA macro as client app of an C# DLL,
that is encharged for encripting/decripting your data, in order to improve security.

The data is under its first construction.

Following the next steps you can see how ease is to use a C# DLL to encrypt or decrypt your data inside Excel/Word 2007.

I´ll be starting with an Excel example, after that I show you another example with Word 2007.

So lets start.

In the following image you can see an Excel 2007 sample file with it´s cells with clear text before using the C# DLL to encryption.

Normal Data.png

If the user press Alt+F8, he can start running the Security Excel VBA macro that prompts for user inputs a password that
will be used to encrypt or decrypt the cells data, so the user needs to selet Security macro and than click the Run button.


Now Excel VBA macro shows an user form where the user can type his password two times to prevent typing mistakes.


After that when the user had typed his password and chossed Criptografar radio button he press OK button having the following
image of Excel 2007 cells with text encrypted after VBA macro was executed.

Excel cells Data Encypted.png

Now if the user starts again the Security macro he can choose Descriptografar to return Excel 2007 cells to clear text.


Excel 2007 cells with clear text after decryption

Normal Data.png

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